Gijs Verheijke

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An excerpt from The Jokester by Isaac Asimov

31 July 2023

"But a Grand Master was more than just a satellite. More, even, than just a human. Early in the history of Multivac, it had become apparent that the bottleneck was the questioning procedure. Multivac could answer the problem of humanity, all the problems, if it were asked meaningful questions. But as knowledge accumulated at an ever-faster rate, it became ever more difficult to locate those meaningful questions."
-- Isaac Asimov, The Jokester | 1956

Asimov Writing in 1956 about Multivac (ChatGPT) and the role of Grand Master ('Prompt Engineer').

Isaac Asimov's writing is said by Elon Musk to be one of the key inspirations for starting SpaceX. He made many predictions that are uncannily on the mark, like this quote from 1964 about the future of robots: “Robots will neither be common nor very good in 2014, but they will be in existence.” Asimov was a legend!