Gijs Verheijke

Me in 10 seconds

I am an entrepreneur, adventurer, food lover, amateur musician, investor, and armchair philosopher. I grew up in the Netherlands, currently live in Singapore and have also lived in Bangladesh, Myanmar and on Bali.

Me in 10 minutes

For a lengthy story of my life, read my "about me" page

What am I doing now

See my "now" page

Tools I use

Take a look at my "tools" page to see which things I use. This spans hardware, software, and even random things like peppermills and bedsheets. If possible, I will put my referral link to benefit both you and myself!

Quotes that I like

I read a lot, both online and in books. Oftentimes I come across something that inspires me in some way. I keep a collection of quotes that I browse through from time to time. See collection of quotes.


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