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Slack = Crack

Posted: 23 June 2023 | Written: 22 June 2022

Slack = Crack

Slack is the facebook / crack addiction of the modern organization and without conscious effort to control it, we will all be controlled by Slack.

Main problems with slack

"Group chat is like being in an all-day meeting, with random participants, and no agenda."

  1. It tells you only that there is something to read (a highlighted channel), but not what it is, or whether it’s important or not
    1. You have to open every channel to even begin knowing if something is relevant for you
    2. It demands almost constant attention because of this, as most people have the tendency to ‘clear’ notifications when they see them
  2. By it’s nature as a chat stream, it’s very difficult to keep track of things and find things later on

Solution to point 1: Setup slack thoughtfully

Solution to point 2: Bias to Notion or other async tools over Slack

Slack best practices

  • Avoid direct messages like the plague. Use threads to keeps things organized in open channels
  • Slack is a conversation. Assume nothing is saved or tracked. DO NOT USE it for anything that you plan to use again or find again in the future
  • 💡 In the ‘old days’ before Ox Street was acquired by Carousell, I refused to pay for Slack. If you don’t pay, Slack only retains the most recent 10k messages, so things would literally disappear after a while. This hammered in the message that slack is not storage