Gijs Verheijke

It's reassuring when you know that whatever is causing your trouble, at least it can't be the equipment! I like to explore new tools, hardware, software, and methods.

Instead of being about productivity alone, for me it's mostly about happiness. Being productive makes me happy, and I also derive happiness simply from tweaking 'the system'. I always recommend lots of things to people and they usually like what I recommend.

Whenever I buy something, I do my research. Usually, my buying decisions will be influenced also partly because I get 'poisoned' by something and think it's really cool. But still, I do my research and I rarely regret anything I buy.

Personal Hardware


Home goods

Okay, so this might be a weird section. I only put things on this list that I really like and that I would rebuy if needed. Plenty of people I know swear by things that are not on my list. In some cases, I haven't gotten to it yet, in others I just don't really care.

Some FAQs about this section:

Which office chair/desk/monitor/keyboard etc?

I'm not fussy about these things. I gladly work on my laptop on the sofa, or plug into a monitor at work.

Which TV?

I rarely watch TV. Sometimes I'll watch a series like Chef's Table

Which audio equipment?

Underinvested. I love music and I have a SONOS 1 and a SONOS 5 plus a set of 305P MkII 5-inch Monitors. I don't love any of those enough to be an evangelist.